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We are a bit late with this episode, it been a long time coming, and we think it's well worth the wait! In this episode Julia and Elyse interview Eva Masaki of shop favorite sunglass fame as well as the owner of Masaki Ave. Eva does everything! She is a mom, sunglass designer, and brand representative to brands in the US and Japan. We have known Eva for years and are so happy to share the wonderful person she is with you. We talk about how she got into the business, what she does, and so so much more. We hope you will take a listen and let us know what you think? 


Show Notes-


Eva Masaki Instagram

Eva Masaki at Rennes

Eva Masaki Website

Taea with great Sunglass case (you'll have to click through some photos)

Ichi Antiquites at Rennes

Ichi Antiquites Instagram

Mint Design

Fanny Gentle Instagram


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