In this episode, we talk all about finding your own style and that it can take some time to get to a place where you find it!  We cover:

  • Learning how to take your measurements
  • What is length, pit to pit, hips, waist, laying flat and where is that on your body
  • Over time you might find your personal style changes a lot - it did for both of us 
  • How much trends effected both of us - when did we more become confident in our own style, is it still changing?
  • How to recognize what styles work really well for you vs ones that you keep having trouble with or end up not wearing
  • What is each our favorite thing we own vs, the thing we wear most
  • Is it okay to have pieces you just love looking at but don’t wear
  • Can clothes just the same as collecting books - guilt about “material quality “ thinking about it more as textiles - and when it’s textiles somehow it’s ok and not materialistic? 




Amy Revier -

Sevilla Smith-

Muji Shoes-

Saltwater Sandles-


Drogheria Crivellini-

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